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The key idea behind the Next2Sun investment concept is the vertical placement of special solar modules, which can utilize solar radiation from both sides. The bifacial modules faces east and west. This means that electricity is generated primarily in the morning and evening.
The areas between the Agri-PV module rows can be used for agricultural purposes as usual. The resulting flower strips continue to offer space, especially for the endangered world of insects and many bird species.
Our agri-photovoltaic systems are particularly nature and agriculture-friendly and achieve high yields.

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Our products and services at a glance


Mahd SP Donaueschingen Sommer 2020

Innovative open space photovoltaic system concept that allows dual use of photovoltaics and agriculture on one and the same area.

Solar fence


Another way of dual use of photovoltaic systems. In addition to eletricity production, the bifacial solar fence can be used to enclse properties and buildings.

Higher Yields

Up to 15% higher electricity yields per kW

Supporting Feed-In Profiles

Relief of the power grids by feeding into the grid in the morning and evening hours


Solar park area can further be used for agriculture nearly to its full extension

Nature & Environment

Development of diverse habitats for different species of birds and insects

Our projects

15.11 - 18.11.2022
23.11. - 26.11.2022

Agraria Wels

Austria’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology and animal breeding